This note has its title just like when businesses announce that they have been bought by bigger companies. But it’s not that easy, even when time is always lineal our lives aren’t neccesarily as lineal.

2020 turned my life upside down, and not for good. With each week of new knowledge, I questioned every experience I’ve lived so far. And now I’m in an empty space where I don’t know exactly where to go. But I know that I don’t wanna go back to so many things I’ve left behind.

When I started to dedicate time to this space, I always imagined a place where I could explain what (not only “how”) I’m feeling from a place that’s not intimate, but detailed, with the minimum of distractions. A few weeks ago I tested the site in technical terms and the results made me happy. But, given the nature of the way it’s built, this site is difficult to maintain. And it gets worse, since to add posts I have to use the same environment I use to work.

This is why I’m closing this blog. The site isn’t moving, I won’t migrate. After all, valuable information for me is stored here. But I don’t wanna feel that I have a place that I have to use, and also I feel that I have better platforms to show how I feel.

This place will become more professional. I don’t know how I’ll fill it, but I’ll start with the essentials and it’ll be ready soon. So thank you for the time you spent reading me. And if you know where to find me, we’ll still seeing each other.

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