Hi. Sorry for the delay.

You know I have no problem on telling me I’m an influencer or a fashion blogger or whatever (it’s funny, indeed), but the thing I do the least is blogging. Why?

As I commented the last time I wrote a post:


But there’s something bigger: the necessity of having a more permanent place, that I feel my own, that works effectively. And that it means to feel my life goes forward, because although I feel that way it doesn’t mean I’m feeling good. My context doesn’t fit me, since a while ago.

I don’t know if you noticed (ha!), but I dyed my hair a little. I say it that way because it was, indeed, a piece of my hair. Incredibly, when I wrote about the reason why I created this place, I dreamed myself where I am now. And for getting here has been a year of months, personal and with others. And it feels good.


But, now that I’m fine: why am I feeling so uncomfortable? Maybe I want to be an adventurer again? Maybe being unstable is my comfort zone now? It’s weird.

Or it must be more than that. It must be… that I’m not used to change so much. That part of my identity is also to change, and at a much higher speed than I ever thought. Because yeah, I planned this entire shit. I’ve seen myself here. But I didn’t know how I’m gonna look, so I didn’t imagine myself so much. But, in the meantime, as I seen myself much more capable of doing things with the body I love, I wanted to play. And here I am, playing to be a vampiress. A thing I wanted since I was 13, so that “be the witch you wanted to be when you were 13” thing is totally me. It was 13? idk, I don’t even use Tumblr anymore.

The thing is, I’m about to go on my first vacations as an employee, and I won’t cross the world. I’ll give myself time to reorder the inner house, and prepare myself to the big jump of the 30s.

And to blog more frequently. So the things you say make sense. :)



PS: I guess I won’t be making any changes to this theme. I have no time for that shit.

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